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24 March 17

The SYCO contribution inside the Synchro-NET project

Involvement of SYCO in Synchro-net is mostly in the high level architecture design of the application and design and coordination of the development of the user interface.

For the first aspect SYCO is cooperating with SoftwareAG, and for the second aspect with MJC2, building the software, Politecnico di Torino, responsible for the simulation and high level planning, with London economics for the interaction with the final users of the applications and for the definition of the travel options.

As the multimodal simulation and planning is based on the Open Trip Planner (open source software project), and on the use of GTFS General Transit Feed Specification for the database of the scheduled transports, the major SYCO’s contribution has been to develop a common standard inside the project for writing GTFS feeds, and a technique for selecting agencies and transportation media in the travel options, based on forbidden/preferred feeds, agencies, routes, stops. This works represents a bridge between users needs and technical capability of the software. In particular, it will allow to integrate the ship simulations for slow steaming of the maritime group inside the project with the general planning system.

Enclose is the draft of a future report, that at the present is a media for exchanging ideas among the group involved in the user interface.