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22 March 17

The real-time synchromodal optimisation algorithms and systems by MJC2

“In the SYNCHRO-NET project MJC2 is developing the real-time synchromodal optimisation algorithms and systems needed to manage complex multimodal operations. A multi-stakeholder approach has been adopted, ensuring that the SYNCHRO-NET solutions will be applicable to shippers, freight forwarders, logistics service providers and authorities. The underlying algorithms and decision support systems are driven by a powerful but user-friendly graphical user interface, which allows planners and managers to easily interact with large and complex datasets, scheduling 100s or 1000s of freight movements in seconds.


The synchromodal optimisation tools integrate with smart steaming and ship scheduling systems to enable end-to-end planning of the supply chain. The real-time optimisation components can respond dynamically to events and disruptions along the (multimodal) route, automatically re-routing shipments to minimise the cost and environmental impact of delays or operational issues while maintaining good service for the end customer. This capability will be a major factor in accelerating the uptake of the synchromodal concept in the supply chain and the corresponding modal shift to greener transport options.


The synchromodal developments are well advanced and MJC2 is looking forward to the forthcoming demonstration phase of SYNCHRO-NET where the systems will be trialled in a number of varied and challenging scenarios. Feedback from the market and social media indicates that there is a lot of interest in these tools and the SYNCHRO-NET project overall and successful demonstration will be an excellent springboard for promoting the SYNCHRO-NET concept to the global supply chain community.”