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18 December 17

Phase 1 Demonstrators for SYNCHRO-NET have been completed successfully

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The phase 1 has been developed with the aim to define the specific objectives and main activities of the three demonstrators. Two scenarios have been drafted in each demonstrator, in order to test the benefits of the SYNCHRO-NET platform. The phase 1 was also intended to be a qualitative assessment of the SYNCHRO-NET modules. A preliminary test of the SYNCHRO-NET modules has been carried out in each demonstrator, in order to set up and test the tool’s main functionalities, collect feedback from users and propose refinements for the phase 2. In particular, the Synchro-modal Booking Module, developed by MJC2, and the Simulator module, developed by POLITO, have been tested and preliminary suggestions for improving the final version of the modules have been proposed in cooperation with the technical partners involved. During Phase 1, the 3 deliverables (East-West Demonstrator, Regional demonstrator and Pan European demonstrator) has been also prepared with the aim to provide a clear description the demonstrators and collect the qualitative results of the preliminary test.


The Simulator module has the objective to support the multimodal freight transport planning at strategical level, by providing and evaluating different alternative routes in line with users’ needs and objectives.  The Synchro-modal Booking module aims to propose a real-time inland transport planning, by providing feasible alternative routes optimising container movements

Source: Synchro-Net