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18 June 18

SYNCHRO-NET tool for the optimization of the waterway segment along the transport chain

D 3.2 provides the SYNCHRO-NET tool set for the optimization of the waterway segment of the overall logistics transport chain.

It comprises an ECDIS workstation on-board used for on-board route planning and optimization. This workstation is complemented by a second ECDIS in the fleet operating centre at shore. Both are linked by a Maritime Connectivity Platform. The Maritime Module.

Integrator connects the web based SYNCHRO-NET modules for Weather Routing and Cooperative Speed Pilot with the Maritime Connectivity Platform and from there with the two ECDIS workstations. In a final operational phase of SYNCHRO-NET access to both modules is established through the Application Cloud providing extended security and access control for later cost designation.

This tool set can be used for four different SYNCHRO-NET Use Cases:

1)      Customer wants to ship a container

2)      Shipping line wants to plan a new service

3)      Vessel wants to update its voyage plan due to bad weather

4)      Vessel wants to update its schedule due to occupied berth etc.


Source: Synchronet Staff