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30 October 18

Synchro-Net Second Webinar | A Simulation Tool to Plan Freight Shipments in an Effective, Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Way

On Wednesday 24th October, during the second Synchro NET Webinar, Mr Javeir Rivas (Synchro – NeT coordinator ) showed an overview of the project and Mr Daniele Manerba (assistant professor at Politecnico di Torino) presented Syncrho-Net simulator. This project demonstrates how a porwerful and innovatives SYNCHRO-modal supply chain ECO-NET can identify and maximize the opportunities for smart steaming, and syncho modal logistics: reduce costs, reduce risk, reduce CO2 while ensuring service levels and economic factors are not compromised.

The main goals of SYNCHRO-modal supply chain ECO-NET are:

  1. Increasing reliability and service levels for logistics user
  2. Guarantee cost effective robust solutions
  3. Reduce emission and costs of logistics operation

The project have an Eco-Net platform with different internal modules (such as Synchro-modal logistics optimization, Slow steaming simulation and control) and external system (such as traffic control, HR and ERP). The modules have the main objective the balanced optimization of logistics in term of cost & service, risk & reliability and environment & congestion. He demostred this platform through 3 demostrators:

  1. East-West Trade Lane Demostrators
  2. Regional Demostrators
  3. Pan-European Demostrators

Simulator Tool is an applicative software module developed by Politecnico di Torino in order to create reliable plans for freight transportation from an origin to one or many destinations (also allowing to plan intermediate stops), considering different transport options and constraints.

In addition, the system enables final users to monitor different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators, such as distance, time, and emissions), and KRIs (Key Risk Indicators, such as time and cost reliability, safety, and flexibility).

One of the strengths of the system relies on an intuitive and interactive map-based user interface. The Simulator provides the final user with a set of possible routes, allowing to sort the set of provided transport solutions according to different KPIs and KRIs.

Have a look to the video of the Synchro Net Second Webinar