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15 May 18

Synchro-modal Logistics Optimisation Toolset

The Synchro-modal Logistics Optimisation Toolset addresses the operational and real-time aspects of logistics planning in synchro-modal smart-steaming supply chains. The scope of the toolset is very broad, including:

Real-time multimodal logistics optimisation of container movements from door-to- door, dynamically re-optimising in response to deviations and operational issues;

Hinterland logistics planning, addressing multiple modes through major ports and terminals, taking into account reverse logistics, container repositioning, driver hours balancing and resource utilisation;

Real-time smart-steaming- aware dock and berth scheduling algorithms for large ports and terminals;

Dynamic de-stressing algorithms which balance and smooth activity through main terminals to reduce queues and congestion and increase capacity.

To achieve this wide range of functionality highly innovative optimisation algorithms have been built and integrated into the SYNCHRO-NET toolset, combined with sophisticated GUI and interoperability features to enable the solutions to cope with very large, complex supply chain networks.

Source: Synchro-Net Staff