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15 December 16

SYCHRONET Solution Vision

The National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI), a constituent college of the Cork Institute of Technology, working with project partners DHL, MJC2, CBRA, K+N, DELL and FRAUN published the draft SYNCHRO-NET Solution Vision Deliverable. This first version of the SYNCHRO-NET project vision sets out how the project will develop and demonstrate innovative synchromodality and slow steaming enhancements for supply chain IT platforms that will support the delivery of cost-effective robust solutions that can de-stress the supply chain to reduce emissions and costs for logistics operations while simultaneously increasing reliability and service levels for logistics users.

This report sets out, in end-user terms the developing vision for how SYNCHRO-NET’s synchromodality and slow steaming planning, management and analysis innovations will help supply chain end-users operationally and strategically, and how those innovations will contribute to enhancing end-user understanding of the implications of synchromodality and slow steaming for supply chains. Its purpose is to contribute to the on-going process of creating a clear understanding both inside and outside the project of SYNCHRO-NET’s positioning and the value add that it will provide. It is the basis for the project’s presentation at the first SYNCHRO-NET Annual Conference, held in Barcelona, Spain in conjunction with SIL2016 – Salón Internacional de la Logística – on the 8th June 2016. The SYNCHRO-NET vision will be finalized and set out in full in a follow-on deliverable that will be produced by NMCI with support from project partners in May 2017.