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25 November 16

Saab deploys its first common operating picture



Defence and security company Saab has deployed its first Common Operating Picture (COP) – an extension of Saab’s KleinPort port management information system (PMIS) that makes ports more efficient and competitive.

KleinPort COP gives all authorised port stakeholders an easily accessible, map-based overview of their port. The information is layered to allow users to select only the data relevant to their area of responsibility.

Business staff get a high-level port overview, while operations staff can execute routine tasks directly from the COP user interface.

From a security and safety perspective, this data can be viewed in real-time by all parties involved, allowing for response coordination through one common view in the event of an accident.

The COP couples the latest developments in Geographical Information System (GIS) technology with KleinPort data to create its own port overview interface. Just some examples of what can be shared and updated in COP include detailed cargo information, vessel location and vessel visit details.

The COP is an upgrade to the KleinPort PMIS that was previously deployed for Flinders Ports.

Captain Carl Kavina, general manager of marine operations at Flinders Ports, said: “The Common Operating Picture gives us a seamless view of both land and sea operations. The technology’s in-built efficiencies have already boosted productivity and support our safety focus.”

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Source: Port Strategy