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30 November 15

Rembrandt simulation Tool for marine collision reconstruction

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Rotterdam – Bmt Group (a large multi-disciplinary survey organisation), announced an innovative new service as part of its marine casualty investigation portfolio. Utilising Rembrandt, the real and fast time simulation tool developed by Bmt Argoss, the newly formed Collision Reconstruction and Simulation Team will be able to accurately reconstruct specific incidents involving collisions in order to identify the root cause and any lessons that can be learned.

The simulation uses shipboard Voyage Data Recorder (Vdr) data, radar images and regional Ais information combined with high fidelity ship models, which can be re-modelled to required parameters, to produce meaningful three-dimensional simulations. Voice, radar and position data sets are automatically synchronised, together with environmental data and navigational circumstances, to present a complete and seamless reconstruction of events for in depth analysis.

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