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18 February 16

New clean air guide released

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The EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) has released a new clean air guide for ports and terminals: Technologies and Strategies to Reduce Emissions and Save Energy.

The guide highlights institutional frameworks, technology upgrades and operational improvements that have been effective in reducing energy use and harmful emissions from the freight industry.

With the freight transportation industry growing, the interest in adopting environmentally-friendly green freight approaches is also steadily rising.

EDF reports that the guide will lead to changes which will benefit the industry by reducing overall operational costs because fewer sources like time and fuel are needed. This means more money can be used to invest in even more clean air projects.

It is a positive step when a terminal is saving money and cleaning the air at the time. The guide addresses how to secure and coordinate resources for these investments.

The Port of Houston Authority, has already been successful in advancing some clean air projects, but still more remains to be done. The port is expected to release an updated emissions inventory soon including some of the strategies which are highlighted in the clean air guide.

In the guide, which is organised by transport mode, each strategy is presented and accompanied by a description of practice, an implementation example, and the benefits and considerations associated with the strategy. For example, the guide explains how slow-steaming for ocean-going vessels is a way to reduce speed near a port and provide air and fuel benefits.

Source: On The Mos Way