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15 May 18

Driver Interaction Model and Prototype

The SYNCHRO-NET Driver Interaction Layer is a powerful real-time scheduling system designed to cope with the complexities associated with synchromodal logistics planning. Synchromodality will deliver massive benefits in the supply chain, but the increasingly dynamic nature of the hinterland operations is challenging to manage for hauliers and their customers.

The SYNCHRO-NET toolset includes an innovative real-time driver interaction layer, integrated with a smartphone real-time driver communication solution that continuously optimises the driver and vehicle activity in response to changing requirements. For example, a new opportunity to divert a longhaul movement from truck to rail is globally beneficial but means that the driver needs to be rescheduled, often in a very short timeframe, to allocated other last-mile work (e.g. positioning empty containers in the terminal to maximise slot utilisation on an outbound ship). The SYNCHRO- NET system automatically re-optimises and reschedules vehicle activity to reduce kms travelled while making best use of driver hours. The integrated smartphone system is designed to capture the real-time information needed to manage a synchromodal container logistics operation.

Source: SYNCHRO-NET Staff