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15 May 18

The synchro-operability communications and the synchro-net governance architecture

The SYNCHRO-NET platform is designed to catalyse the uptake of slow steaming and synchro-modality in a collaborative cloud-based eco-system. It has been designed to offer a cost-effective and robust solution that de-stresses the supply chain to reduce emissions and costs for logistic operations integrated in a unified marketplace called SYNCHRO-NET Eco System. Requirements to the platform are mostly driven by user requirements and further improved through industrial best-practices.

The SYNCHRO-NET Eco System integrates core functionality like real-time synchro-modal logistics optimizations, smart streaming ship simulation & control, synchro-modal risk/benefits analysis, dynamic stakeholder impact assessment and synchro-operability communications. Through the use of the market place commercialization is enabled that is done based on the use of services that SYNCHRO-NET  modules offer.

The core of the SYNCHRO-NET architecture relies on a service oriented architecture design and workflow aspects that allow logistic networks to communicate with the platform as needed in a highly granular fashion. As the architecture considers aspects of big data technology and cloud concepts, its versatile and capable to uptake future developments within the logistic sector. As the platform has been designed to be cloud enabled, it can be deployed in different scenarios according to the user’s preferences. The platform employs a combination of logistic modules as a central point of the platform which allows integration with external services using standardized and open APIs using the SYNCHRO- NET marketplace.

Source:  SYNCHRO-NET Staff