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22 February 16

Contargo awarded for eco operations

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Contargo has been given the ‘Eco Performance Award’ for its “integrated” sustainability concept and tariff calculation system.

The international logistics serviceprovider was awarded for its “integrated concept, the defining of measurable objectives, and their development within the framework of a long- term business strategy”.

Contargo’s sustainability measures begin with taking transport off the roads and transferring it onto rail and inland waterways, helping to keep the carbon footprint of container transport as low as possible.

Its tariff calculation system, IMTIS, enables users to interactively plan transports via a wide variety of routes and seaports which Contargo says simplifies calculation and always takes account of the real costs. Users can also make a comparison of costs between the different transport modes to ensure the best route is used.

“Combined transport is complex at first sight. IMTIS helps to make it transparent – not only with regards to prices and transit times, but also regarding the CO2 generated by a transport. This is consistent with Contargo’s philosophy, because we take care to promote sustainable development at all levels of the enterprise,” said Kristin Kahl, sales manager and sustainable solutions manager, Contargo.

The Group also practices climate protection and environmental conservation by being certified for compliance with environmental management system, DIN EN ISO 14001. Its barges also practice slow steaming, reducing their speed wherever possible to reduce wait time and therefore emissions. In addition, Contargo’s office in Zwijndrecht uses renewable energy sources for electricity.

“We are delighted that our long-standing commitment to the topic of sustainability has been honoured by this prize, bringing it recognition which we feel it deserves,” added Ms Kahl.

The Eco Performance Award is presented by DKV Euro Service in conjunction with its partners Knorr-Bremse and the PTV Group, as well as the University of St Gallen.

Source: On The MoS Way