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18 May 17

The Synchro-NET second annual meeting in Munich – videos and photogalleries

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848086AFIt was held in München, with the occasion of Transport Logistic, the main international exhibition in the transport field (May 9th-12th 2017), the second Annual Meeting of Synchro-NET (May 10th-12th 2017), the EU-funded project involving as partners many prestigious company leaders in the sector including DHL Supply Chain Spain (project coordinator), FraunHofer, Circle, Cosco Shipping Line, Politecnico di Torino and Cross-Border Research Association.

The core of the project is a tool for integrated optimization and eco-net simulation, incorporating: real-time synchro-modal logistics optimization (e-Freight-enabled), slow steaming ship simulation & control systems, synchro-modal risk/benefit analysis statistical modelling, dynamic stakeholder impact assessment solution, and a synchro-operability communications and governance architecture.

Synchro-NET has demonstrated that slow steaming, coupled with synchro-modal logistics optimization, delivers amazing benefits to all stakeholders in the supply chain: massive reduction in emissions for shipping and land-based transport due to modal shift to greener modes, as well as optimized planning processes leading to reduced empty kms for trucks and fewer wasted repositioning movements.

3 intensive days dedicated to Synchro-NET core contents:

On the 10th of May, the Synchro-NET partners organized the internal meeting where several main results were discussed and examined. Among the different sessions, a relevant part was dedicated to the three Synchro-NET demonstrators: the East-West Trade Lane demonstrators, the regional demonstrators, and the Pan European demonstrators.

On 11th of May, the Synchro-NET partners organised the Stakeholders roundtable and discussed on the following main topics:

On 12th of May, the Synchro-NET partners conducted an internal exploitation workshop discussing Key Exploitable Results of the project and further developing the individual business plans of the partners.

Watch the videos of the Synchro-NET stakeholders roundtable

See below the photo gallery

The first day of second annual meeting dedicated to the three demonstrators

The Synchro-NET Stakeholders roundtable

The workshop dedicated to the exploitation